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Daily Schedule
7:15 AM
Early Bird Programs: Six days a week, campers have the option to get up early and participate in early bird instruction in areas such as Tennis, Gymnastics, Golf, and Jogging
8:00 AM
Wake Up! A friendly wake-up over the loud speakers to wake up camp along with a Trivia Question for the day
8:20 AM
Lineup: Campers and counselors gather ‘round the flagpole for morning announcements, good and welfare, thought of the day and raising of the flag
8:30 AM
Breakfast: Hot meal each day served family style with full breakfast bar with over 12 cold cereals, hot cereals, fresh fruit, yogurt and more
9:00 AM
Clean Up and Inspection: Campers & counselors work together to keep their bunk clean and safe
9:45 AM
First Period: Campers travel by age group to activity when they hear the music playing over the loud speakers
10:50 AM
Second Period: Campers travel by age group to activity
11:50 AM
Third Period: Selective
12:50 PM
Lunch: Daily entree along with full service salad bar with fresh greens, vegetables, pastas, mixed salads, and an assortment of different protein options to keep our campers going like cheese, cold cuts and more
1:30 PM
Rest Hour: Some much needed down time in the bunks
2:35 PM
Fourth Period: Campers travel by age group to activity
3:35 PM
Fifth Period: Campers travel by age group to activity
3:35 PM
Snack! Campers and staff gather in front of Dining Room Porch for snack time
4:35 PM
Sixth Period: Hobby Hour
5:30 PM
Shower Hour: Campers & staff return to the cabins to shower for dinner
6:30 PM
Dinner: Daily entrée along with salad and substitute bar
7:15 PM
Free Play: Campers have free time to play, write letters and relax around camp. Staff members are designated to posts to provide supervision
7:45 PM
Evening Activity: Anything from an all-girls game to a group social with Camp Wayne for Boy’s to an all-camp Drama Production.
9:30-11:30 PM  
Lights Out: Lights out beginning at 9:30pm for our youngest age group and progressing up to 11:30pm for our oldest campers