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Choosing a Camp

Below is a list of questions that you may find helpful when speaking to Camp Directors

  • Where does your staff come from?
  • How long is your average interview?
  • Is staff hired in person?
  • Does everyone get interviewed (i.e. former campers)?
  • Is your camp accredited by the American Camping Association?
  • What are your camp's goals and philosophy?
  • What are your facilities like? Are the toilets and showers in the bunk?
  • What is your camper-counselor ratio? What are the characteristics of most of the staff?
  • What kind of staff training is provided? How do you decide what bunk I will live in?
  • Is the camp coed, brother/sister, all girls, or all boys? What are the advantages / disadvantages of each?
  • Who plans and runs the evening activities and special events? How involved are the counselors in terms of participation?
  • How many days off do I have a summer and when do they begin and end (i.e. night before to morning after)?
  • On my day off, is transportation provided anywhere?
  • How many nights a week am I on duty (OD)? What is my curfew?
  • How much free time do I get off in the daytime?
  • What is the food like and who prepares it? Do you have options for vegetarians? Is there a Salad Bar?
  • Is there a staff laundry service? Are there washers and dryers available to use on campus?
  • Is there a staff lounge? What is available to use in the staff lounge (TV/DVD, videos, pool table, etc)?
  • Does staff have internet access? What is the cost, if any?
  • How does your camp insure the safety and security of its campers/counselors?
  • What medical facilities are available and what medical staff is on campus?
  • If I am ill or injured and cannot work, do I forfeit a day off?
  • What happens when it’s raining? Does the fun stop?
  • What kind of Staff Events / Parties do you have? How often? Do I ever get to participate in any of the activities, i.e. water-skiing, aerobics, ropes, art, tennis, etc?
  • What is the camp schedule like? Is it a structured program or one that emphasizes a lot of free time?