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A Day in the Life of a Camp Wayne Counselor
A Day in the Life of...

For the most part, all counselors will follow the same daily routine. Depending on the specialty you teach, your day may vary from counselors working at other specialty areas. The campers typically travel with their Group Leader and/or Assistant Group Leader from activity to activity as an age group (approximately 36 kids) so you will be teaching kids ranging from age six to sixteen. The children’s interest and skill level will vary tremendously. There are several days in the summer that are unique, but a typical work day would be as follows:

Wake-up is at 8:00 a.m. and the entire camp attends lineup at 8:15 a.m., followed by breakfast at 8:30 a.m. After breakfast, all campers and counselors return to their bunks to clean until the first activity period, which begins at 9:45 a.m. At that time, counselors help get the children out of the bunks and then report to their specialty area where they will teach three 55-minute periods. (Preparation for these classes should be done prior to arrival at camp.) Five days a week, the third period of the day is "Selective". Selective is a choice period where the campers travel to an activity as individuals and stay the entire period. The campers sign up a day in advance for an activity in which they want extra instruction. Lower camp lunch starts at 12:50 and upper camp joins them at 1:00 p.m. After lunch, counselors and campers return to their bunks for "Rest Hour". You will be assigned to Rest Hour coverage in your bunk two to four times per week. Some counselors will be assigned to work at an activity on occasion in place of bunk coverage, i.e., drama – rehearsals, waterskiing – extra instruction, etc. If you are covering a bunk, you can play games with your girls or write letters, but this is not the time to shower or nap as you are the only person on duty. When you are not on rest hour coverage, you have approximately 45 minutes off to do as you please. At 2:30 p.m. activities resume and campers go to three more activity periods, with the last being "Hobby Hour". This is also a choice period but it differs from Selective in that the campers decide that afternoon what activity they want to go to. It is either recreational or instructional and the campers can go to one or more activities for as long as they want. When afternoon activities are finished, all campers and counselors return to their bunks for shower hour, which lasts until dinner at 6:30 p.m. After dinner there is approximately twenty minutes for "Free Play" where campers are free to play at different areas all over camp; therefore, counselors are assigned to supervise locations around campus two to four times per week. (Please note: time off during Rest Hour and Free Play may be shortened due to special events, bunk meetings, canteen, weather, etc.)

After free play all counselors must accompany their groups to their evening activity which could be anything from a group campfire to an all-camp coed event. Camp Wayne is known for its creative, fun-filled evening activities and special events. Counselors are free to leave campus 2 out of 3 nights after their campers return from evening activities. On the third night you are assigned to be on duty (O.D.) to supervise campers. All counselors must walk their campers back to their bunks and remain there until the counselor on duty for the bunk says that it’s o.k. to leave (no earlier than 9:30 p.m.) This is to assure that the counselor O.D. is present and that all campers have returned to the bunk and are settled for the night. The younger group’s evening activities usually end earlier than those of the older campers; therefore, upper camp counselors get off later than lower camp counselors.

On Wednesdays, we usually have a morning schedule much like the aforementioned; however, during the afternoon, we have a special event. This is a nice time to take a break from the regular routine and spend time with different people. On Wednesday's, wake-up is later and breakfast is at 9:15 a.m., so there are only two activity periods in the morning. The last period of the day on Friday is dedicated to Tribal activities. Tribal is an ongoing league where the entire camp is split into four teams who compete in special activities such as water gun war and scavenger hunt. The last week and a half of camp consists of Big Trips, Color War and packing.

Occasionally, periods are canceled because a group needs extra practice for an upcoming event or evening activity. If it is really hot, we might schedule an all-camp general swim during an activity period at which time you will be assigned to supervise a post at the waterfront. In case of rain, some outdoor activities will be canceled. If you teach at an activity that cannot be held in the rain, you will go around with your bunk to help supervise at the indoor activities. At times, we will cancel all regular activities and have "bunk junk" or perhaps a special rainy day event like Krazy Kooky Counselor Contest.

For every specialty, you must LOVE what you are teaching because you will be there for approximately six hours every day. If you are enthusiastic, the campers will be more excited to learn. It is rare that you will have an activity period off during the morning or afternoon because you are needed to instruct all classes. With every specialty, there are pros and cons. For a clear picture of what is expected of you, please request a copy of your specialty's job description.