“A Nice People Place”

Camp Wayne offers children the opportunity to live simply, free from screens and social media, surrounded by the beauty of nature, in a warm, down-to-earth atmosphere. A nurturing and safe environment where girls can ‘be themselves’ and be ‘their best self.’ We all want our children to feel good about themselves, be included and have ‘nice’ friends. It’s what we strive for at Wayne. Come explore what makes Camp Wayne for Girls ‘A Nice People Place.’

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Offering A True

Brother-Sister Camp Experience

Brother-Sister Camp ExperienceUnder the same family ownership since 1952, Camp Wayne for Boys & Girls is now in our third generation of leadership. With the boys and girls camps situated on opposite sides of our 3/4 mile private lake, Camp Wayne is the perfect fit for any family. Whether you have all girls, all boys, or both, a brother-sister camp provides kids with an atmosphere where they can be themselves, form meaningful relationships, and have the ultimate summer camp experience.

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Brother-Sister Camp Experience