Positions Available

Camp Wayne for Girls has several types of positions available. All positions at camp fall under one of three categories Counselor Staff, Key Staff and Support Staff. Although the responsibilities of each job are different, they are all equally important and camp could not function without the contributions of all these wonderful people working together for a common goal.

There are two types of counselor positions at Wayne: Group Leaders/Assistant Group Leaders and Specialty Counselors. The main difference between the two is that during the day Assistant Group Leaders (AGLs) and Group Leaders (GLs) lead their group of campers from activity to activity and do not teach an activity, while a Specialty Counselor will spend most of the activity day at their area of specialty, instructing campers of all ages and various skill levels. Regardless of their position, all counselors live in a bunk with their campers and have the same responsibilities that come with caring for children for seven weeks. Every counselor’s first priority must be to the health, safety and well-being of her campers.

Group Leader

Each age group of campers is under the care of a Group Leader. GLs are responsible for the overall well-being of all campers and counselors in their age group. Most are older college students, recent college grads or adults with camp experience and more experience in education and working with children. A good GL must be friendly, fun, open, patient, selfless and organized all at the same time! As with anything in life, communication is essential. A GL must be in constant communication with the counselors and campers and be able to give and receive feedback.

In addition to leading their group to all scheduled daily and evening activities, a Group Leader’s primary responsibilities are as follows:

  • Supervise approximately 39 girls and 8 counselors in their age group and provide support and counseling.
  • Act as the liaison between campers and bunk counselors.
  • Attend meetings with the Head Counselor to discuss the daily/weekly schedule and keep group informed of time schedule and changes in the calendar.
  • Meet with Group Leader and Community Counselor to discuss concerns within the group.
  • Perform inspection every day to make sure the bunks in their age group are clean.
  • Help get the campers out of the bunks and to activities on time.
  • Encourage campers and join them in participating in scheduled daily activities. Assist at activities when needed, e.g. feed tennis balls, spot in motor boat.
  • Prepare for evening activities, make sure campers are timely and supervise campers and staff at the activity. On occasion, you will need to help plan or run an evening activity.
  • Provide constructive verbal and written feedback to campers and counselors and be open to suggestions from everyone in your group.
  • Help supervise areas on campus or assist at an activity during elective periods.
Assistant Group Leader (General Counselor)

Assistant Group Leaders have most of the same responsibilities as a Group Leader. They help get the campers out of the bunk and to activities on time, supervise and/or assist at daily and evening activities, and oversee the camper’s well-being throughout the summer. The main difference is that the AGL doesn’t supervise the counselors in the age group.

Depending on the age group and counselor days off, there are usually 2-4 adults traveling with the girls throughout the day. One of the AGLs will take over for the GL on her day off.

Specialty Counselor

A Specialty Counselor lives with the campers in a bunk, but works at one program area for the six periods in the day. They take on the responsibilities of a bunk counselor for wake up and clean up, during meals, at rest hour and shower hour and at evening activities.

Specialty Counselors should possess significant experience in their chosen area. They must LOVE what they do because they will spend 5-6 hours of each day at their specialty. The following is a list of the Activity areas for which we need Specialty Counselors:

TEAM SPORTS: Basketball, Softball, Volleyball, Soccer, Lacrosse.

INDIVIDUAL SPORTS: Tennis, Gymnastics, Pickleball, Golf.

WATERFRONT: Swimming (LGT/CPR/First Aid required/WSI preferred), Waterskiing, Sailing/Boating.

OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES: Nature/Gardening, Ropes Course, Archery

FINE & PERFORMING ARTS: Drama, Ceramics (Hand & Wheel), Photography, Silkscreen, Drawing & Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, Jewelry, Sewing/Knitting, Fashion Design, Wood-working (with hand tools), Rock Band (Guitar, Keyboard, Drums), Ukulele.

OTHER COUNSELOR POSITIONS: Dance, Cheerleading/Stunting, Fitness, Cooking/Baking, Camp Newspaper.

Activity Director

An Activity Director is responsible for running and overseeing an entire program area such as tennis or waterfront. Our activity directors are typically adult professionals in their field and are highly skilled and experienced. They do not live in bunks and thus do not have bunk responsibilities. Their first priority is to implement and run a safe, enjoyable and quality program. Every activity director and their program is supported by specialty counselors. Organization, lesson planning and the ability to teach your skill in a pleasant manner befitting a summer camp environment is essential. Furthermore, the ability to give and receive feedback, relate to campers and staff in a mature way and to lead and manage a staff are equally essential.

All Activity Directors must attend morning meetings at 8am and are expected to help assist or run some of our evening activities and special events. Some Activity Directors are needed to run early bird activities (7:15am-8am), staff events and/or assigned to Head O.D. (On Duty 9:30pm-1:00am) a few times during the summer.

Key Staff

Our Key Staff, comprised of adults, are the people that lead and run camp. It consists of Head Counselors, Program Directors, the Community Counselor, Director of Evening and Special Events, Activity Directors and more.

Nurses & Assistants

Camp Wayne for Girls hires 5 full time Registered Nurses and two Nurses’ Assistants to join the camp Doctor and Health Center Manager in helping to keep our campers and staff healthy and active throughout the summer. Our entire Health Center team will conduct daily clinic calls, dispense medications, keep a daily health log and appropriate records, attend to sick campers, and also be ready for all camp medical emergencies. All nurses must be licensed in the state of Pennsylvania (a process we can assist with.) More importantly, our nurses must be sensitive to the needs of children and have appropriate bedside manner. All nurses live on campus in private rooms within our recently renovated Health Center with a fully equipped kitchen. Accommodations include private bathrooms, comfortable beds, hardwood flooring, wifi, and a relaxing deck right outside your door.

Support Staff

Another integral part of camp is our dedicated Support Staff. Our kitchen staff is comprised of waitresses, dish washers, a dining room manager, two salad chefs, a special diet chef (vegetarian/gluten-free), a head chef and a sous chef. We also employ three administrative assistants/drivers and an administrative director who, in addition to driving, works closely with the camp directors behind the scenes to ensure a smooth-running camp. Some of our other Support Staff positions include videographer, nanny, bookkeeper, office manager, maintenance staff, housekeeping and nightwatchperson.