About our Staff

A Summer Camp is only as good as its COUNSELORS.

They are the people who make camp really happen. They are role models for these young girls and often become close friends with their campers. Their impact can be an influence for years to come.

It’s not easy to find the truly exceptional people who become Camp Wayne counselors. Because our counselors are so sensitive, concerned and such good communicators, they encourage and model positive relationships.

We have long interview sessions with each candidate; some interviews extend to four hours or even longer. We ask a series of questions designed to learn all about the applicant and her counseling skills. When those who are offered jobs realize they will be among a select group who worked hard to pass the same interview, they feel proud to have “made it.”


To find the people we want to be your daughter’s counselors, we visit over 30 colleges all over the United States, and personally meet promising candidates in a face-to- face interview averaging three hours long. When these young people see how serious we are about choosing staff, they begin to understand how much we care about our campers.

All of our counselors must be at least 18 years old and have finished a year of college. Every year we invite this group of dedicated and enthusiastic new counselors to join our loyal staffers who return summer after summer. Together they create a community with a fun, relaxed, family atmosphere. A community which is dedicated to human development.

During staff orientation and throughout the summer, we focus much of our time and energy discussing children’s character development and the methods to ensure that positive values are consistently imparted to our campers. Everything we do at Camp Wayne is centered around providing a safe, nurturing environment in which our children can learn and practice positive relationships. This all comes together to create a beautiful little world we call ‘A Nice People Place’.